Boundary, Subdivisions and Easements

We often work with land owners and developers to identify property boundaries and divide land. We also assist home owners and realtors in locating property corners and marking property lines.

Knowing local codes, land use processes and applications on City, County and State levels is very important to the success of establishing or locating boundaries correctly. We take this very seriously and have excellent relationships with our clients and the agencies involved.

Often times we are asked to provide legal descriptions for easements and property line adjustments. For property line adjustments, we write legal descriptions to describe the property and how it is being conveyed – to and from.  We provide legal descriptions to describe the properties that result from the adjustment.

These descriptions are recorded with the County and become “deeds”. Once the recording is complete our final survey map is recorded and the property line adjustment becomes final.

Writing legal descriptions for easements is another common activity we routinely provide. Whether it is for a public or private access easement, utility easement, or any other type of easement we have knowledge and expertise to get this done correctly. We work with public agencies and private land owners frequently to address easement questions and issues.